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23 June 2017 21:41PM

New PYROVATEX® EXP Flame Retardant Finish From Huntsman Textile Effects

02 Aug 10 ,  Huntsman
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NEW PYROVATEX® EXP represents a new generation of environmentally safe flame retardant finishes for 100% polyester from Huntsman Textile Effects. Designed for decorative fabrics, curtains, upholstery and sun shades, PYROVATEX® EXP is a phosphorous based technology which provides optimal people and property protection by delivering to the highest flame retardant standards.



This product excels by making its economical mark right at the production process with highest exhaustion rate of at least 95%, continuing through to the finishing process which generates substantial energy savings versus conventional processes.

Furthermore, PYROVATEX® EXP is exemplary in its unique quality of providing mills with total freedom and flexibility for increased profitability as they can decide upon customer’s request whether a fabric should be finished with FR or not. PYROVATEX® EXP comfortably meets all international FR standards and goes beyond and shines with its excellent wash and light fastness qualities that last for the lifetime of the fabric. It has no influence on the physical fabric properties or handle and does not yellow white fabric.

In line with Huntsman Textile Effects’ rigorous philosophy of sustainability, PYROVATEX® EXP is environmentally safe. It is free of halogen, antimony, formaldehyde as well as any metals. From the mill right through to the end consumer and the environment PYROVATEX® EXP is the ideal flame retardant for PES fabrics.