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30 May 2017 11:41AM

The new Levafix Brilliant Red CA

08 Dec 08 ,  Dystar
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Unique brilliancy and highest fastness

Levafix Brilliant Red CA is the latest addition to the successful Levafix CA range. This new dye creates a unique brilliant red and in combination with Levafix Orange CA and Levafix Scarlet CA clear and bright pastel shades.

In common with all Levafix CA dyes, it meets the requirements of all established ecological standards and is metal and AOX-free.

Levafix Brilliant Red CA is synonymous with highest Color Confidence: the dye offers especially in bright to medium shades outstanding light fastness even in the presence of alkaline or oxidative detergent residues, and it has very high fastness to repeated washing.

Since Levafix CA was introduced ten years ago, the dyes are setting the benchmark for quality, ecology and cost effectiveness in reactive dyeing. They can be applied in all established dyeing methods and their excellent reproducibility and reliable application help to reduce production costs.

As a leading supplier of products and services for the textile industry, DyStar invests continuously in research and development of new products with improved properties. Levafix Brilliant Red CA is the latest addition to its innovative product offering.