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23 June 2017 21:52PM

Fashionally #9 at Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2017

27 Jan 17 ,  Administrator
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Fashionally Collection #9

Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2017

at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

by Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC)

January 16, 2017



Designer: Derek Chan

Schoolboy Romance

For his latest collection, Chan continues a similar narrative to his brand. He's showcasing his take on a 1950s prep school, giving a romantic twist to a prim and proper uniform. Expect to see bodysuits, breeches and tailored jackets with nostalgic schoolboy detailing.


Designer: Key Chow

Redefining Masculinity

The tagline for his latest collection is, “a romantic story about a Chinese twink (a lean, boyish, effeminate gay man), who tries to Americanise himself to seduce Western guys”. It’s been a while since a designer has offered such a fresh outlook on menswear as Chow – filled with fairytale fantasy and using complex knit and lace fabrics to enhance the “twink”-like aesthetic he hopes to achieve. Chow is redefining masculinity and the result is a strikingly romantic collection.


Designer: Kenson Tam

Inner Child

His latest collection is a continuation of his preppy, boyish narrative. You can expect dandy prints, a generous use of colour and mix of wool and knit textures. Tam's designs are for men who are’t afraid to show their inner child to the world.


Designer: Aries Sin

Debonair Gent

Her latest AW17 collection – ”Concrete Jungle.” Here, Sin takes a romantic throwback to the 1950s, where men were fully layered in tailored suits with a matching vest, shirt and textured overcoat.  To cope with the busy life and unrelenting concrete jungle of Hong Kong, MODEMENT presents a strong silhouette with stark and serious colours.


Designer: Sherman Kwan

Femme Fatale

Her take on womenswear is all about unconventional cuts and strong, mascu-feminine looks meant for a badass femme fatale.  She’s all about using black, black and more black in her clothing, oscillating between biker chic and utilitarian casual wear. For her upcoming collection, we can expect more dark and stark pieces with sharp cuts and a sleek silhouette.


Designer: Winnie Chen

Global Domination

her latest collection, “Trinity”, focuses on three key philosophies that form her style foundation: geometry, space and body. Chen is a master in tailoring, which can be seen in her bold, architectural designs that offer a full-rounded, asymmetrical silhouette. Every angle of her outfit offers a new outlook to her conceptual designs.


Designer: Yeung Chin

Breaking the Rules

Yeung's designs are highlighted by a mixture of textures and unconventional choice of fabrics and use of trim. The geometric and sculptural elements to his designs are in full force in his latest collection. We can expect to see challenging proportions, asymmetrical silhouettes and bold, provocative outerwear.