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27 June 2017 11:28AM

Innovative yarn spinning technology

22 Apr 16 ,  Siriwan Kittinaovarut
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Update news of yarn spinning technology are presented in this issue consisting of (1) the rotor spinning platform of the future, (2) Spinnova’s innovative technology to produce yarn from wood, (3) new spinning way for bicomponent filament yarns from Oerlikon, and (4) the most economical Zinser 72 ring spinning in the world.

Update news of yarn spinning technology are presented in this issue consisting of (1) the rotor spinning platform of the future, (2) Spinnova’s innovative technology to produce yarn from wood, and (3) new spinning way for bicomponent filament yarns from Oerlikon.





Schlafhorst unveiled the new Autocoro 9 which is the new rotor spinning machine awarded the E3 label at ITMA 2015 in Milan. The machine obtained E3certification offers a triple added value in the area of energy, economics and ergonomics to the spinning mills. The E3-certified Autocoro 9 demonstrates the technical superiority of its innovative drive technology with impressive new features. The Autocoro 9 with its innovative individual spinning position sets the new standards for energy-saving yarn manufacturing, economic efficiency, ease of operation and quality. The exciting benefits of the Autocoro 9 can be concluded as follow:


- Reduce energy costs by up to 25%

- Maximum cost transparency through energy monitoring

- Maximize efficiency with the unique individual spinning position technology

- High rotor speeds of up to 180,000 rpm in practice

- Take-off speeds of up to 300 m/min on all lengths of machine and also for very large packages up to 350 mm in diameter

- Individually customizable machine length with high performance automation: individually configurable number of spinning position, up to 6 doffers and SynchroPiecing 24

- Highest productivity per m2 – lowest space requirement per kg

- Reduce maintenance time and personnel requirements – maintenance and cleaning during on-going operation

- Maximum economic efficiency in all markets

(Source: www.saurer.com)






Spinnova’s new technology can revolutionize textile and forest industries. This new technology is possible to produce yarn from pulp without any hazardous chemicals. The ideas of this new technology come from the international study about nano-cellulose and production of a spider web. This technology is based on optimizing the properties of the raw material and the shape of a nozzle allowing a smooth flow of fibers through a very small nozzle. In the nozzle the fibers accelerate and align with the flow and bind to each fiber together creating a strong fiber network.


This causes a formation of a durable and textile grade yarn. Spinnova’s unique technology enables to produce direct yarn spinning from wood fibers without chemical treatment. The end product is completely from natural origin and also the additives used are environmental friendly and recyclable completely. (Source: www.spinnova.fi)







Oerlikon has launched a new spinning concept to transform sensitive polymers into bicomponent filament yarns. This new technology is based on a temperature separation of the two polymers that feed into the bicomponent yarn. The new SP8xB dual temperature spin beam concept ensures the strict temperature separation between polymer type A and polymer type B. The strict separation of the HTM-heating of both polymer supplies as well as the spinning pump ensures the least possible damage to each type of polymer up to just the point where two components are combined in the spin pack. The new system of the SP8xB spin beam concept offers the advantages in term of energy when comparing with the rectangular concept. Less sensitive polymer can also be manufactured without any problem with standard SP8xB bico spinning unit. (Source: www.oerlikon.com/manmade-fibers)