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23 June 2017 04:35AM

TENCEL(R) - a new dimension in children’s wear

21 Sep 09 ,  lenzing.com
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Lenzing in a new application: children's skin is tender and sensitive and demands the very best materials.
TENCEL® offers all of the properties so much in demand by the sensitive skin of children. Thus wear for the little ones is the perfect application for the multitalented TENCEL® fiber. At the textile trade fairs in Paris, Lenzing presents TENCEL® as the perfect fiber for children.

tencel_sep09.jpgThe cellulose fiber manufacturers Lenzing AG, with operations around the globe, are presenting TENCEL® as the ultimate children's fiber. The combination of properties in the TENCEL® fiber quite simply makes it ideal for children's wear. Perfect moisture management coupled with skin-sensory properties is extremely important in applications next to children's skin. Young children frequently suffer from sensitive skin as a reaction to environmental pollution and chemicals. These factors underline the importance of focusing on the materials which come into contact with children‘s skin.

Combined property

Sensitive skin is a health issue. As a result, there is a growing need to pay more attention to the largest of all of the human organs - the skin. Children's skin is more sensitive than the skin of adults. So for children's skin it is extremely important to avoid irritations. TENCEL®'s smooth fiber surface prevents irritations to the skin. TENCEL®'s purity is another asset since it is not contaminated with agricultural chemicals. The perfect moisture management of TENCEL® - it can absorb 50% more moisture than cotton - automatically supplies a natural hygiene. Thanks to the particularly high moisture absorption of TENCEL®, the growth of bacteria can be nipped in the bud. The moisture is transported from the skin directly into the inside of the fiber. Thus no film of moisture, which can be the basis for bacterial growth, forms on the fiber.

Specialty fiber for full applications
The TENCEL® portfolio includes the specialty fiber „TENCEL® LF" for classical children's wear. This fiber can be easily blended with cotton and is particularly well suited to knitwear. TENCEL® is by nature the strongest cellulose fiber there is and thus ideal for hard-wearing textiles.

The robustness attained with TENCEL® makes children's wear of TENCEL® wear resistant and ensures perfect easy-care properties. Textiles can be washed at high temperatures and they remain supple on the skin even after repeated washing. In general TENCEL® and cotton are a good team. Thus jeans for little ones are a true highlight among the feel-good textiles. With TENCEL®, denim jeans becomes more ecological and comfortable. After all there is no room for being uncomfortable in a child's world.

The future belongs to our children
In ecological terms, TENCEL® offers a host of assets. The addition of 25% TENCEL® to classical jeans can quite significantly improve the eco-compatibility. The reduction in the share of cotton alone can reduce the area of cultivable land for cotton and the water consumption by
25%. An optimum of ecological compatibility is, however, attained by adding organic cotton. This is the very best solution for the future of our children.

Multiple applications
TENCEL® can be used in lots of different children's textiles, starting with wear through to home textiles. In fact it is possible to fit out an entire child's bed with TENCEL® fibers - from the bed cover, to the bed linen, to the mattress. The wide variety of specialty TENCEL® fibers on offer is so many-sided that all of the fields of application can be covered.